for example, there are 75% positions USA WhatsApp Number List in theoretical mathematics and only 65% ​​in the humanities. – Jobs usual – with comparable work performance, mind you. The same pay for the same work should also apply to female USA WhatsApp Number List doctoral candidates. Accordingly, I advocate only assigning doctoral positions as full-time positions and increasing scholarship rates accordingly. That would lead to USA WhatsApp Number List a lower number of offers, but a significant upgrade in the value of doctoral positions. If the number of budget positions were

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reduced, as suggested above, and these USA WhatsApp Number List were offered for an unlimited period or provided with a tenure-track option, these would also be significantly upgraded, but their number would be reduced. This would have many USA WhatsApp Number List advantages for those women scientists who then hold such a position. Knowing that the scientists knew that if they did well, they would not have to fear the end of their employment relationship and a possibly necessary move, they could combine family and work, tackle riskier research USA WhatsApp Number List projects, have the necessary time for teaching and more for the University take advantage of activities such as

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promoting young talent, science communication USA WhatsApp Number List and academic self-government, Initiate long-term projects (beyond the usually more common time limit of the employment contract) and ultimately only apply for the positions USA WhatsApp Number List that are actually attractive to you and are not accepted due to the impending end of the contract. They would also be given the opportunity to apply for third-party funded projects, some of which require secure funding for their own position. In his guest contribution, Christian USA WhatsApp Number List Thomsen indicated that increasing the teaching load from four to eight semester hours per week for female scientists with permanent contracts will reduce the research performance of a subject. But if we now consider that the

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