younger female PhDs. Due to a lack of Venezuela WhatsApp Number List data and experience in this area, I am unable to give a well-founded estimate for the additional financial requirement. 17% do not seem to me to be an underestimation. Should the Venezuela WhatsApp Number List State of Berlin not contribute to these additional costs, the number of positions for permanently employed doctoral researchers would have to be reduced by around Venezuela WhatsApp Number List 15% – instead of 150 budget positions, it would only be 128. that the importance of the habilitation as a necessary

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qualification for a professorship is steadily Venezuela WhatsApp Number List decreasing due to alternative qualification paths (at least in the subjects represented at the Technical University of Berlin), a corresponding reduction in habilitation positions Venezuela WhatsApp Number List would be quite logical. In addition, the extension of the time limit increases the teaching load from four to eight semester hours per week, so I don’t see any risk that teaching Venezuela WhatsApp Number List would suffer as a result. On the other hand, I am very suspicious of how a better supervision ratio should ultimately lead to a worse teaching situation – it should be in everyone’s interest to be able to supervise students better

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or to enable more interested people to Venezuela WhatsApp Number List study. This calculation also shows that the number of doctoral positions could be maintained. Discrimination against the younger generation is not mandatory The same pay for Venezuela WhatsApp Number List the same work should also apply to female doctoral candidates. The threat of discrimination against future generations is a popular argument among defenders of the status Venezuela WhatsApp Number List quo. However, reducing the number of doctoral positions could make sense in order to counter a major injustice in the current system: while doctoral positions are mostly full positions in engineering and computer science

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