Aissel, real name Patrick Thailand WhatsApp Number List Jean Petri, 1953–2020) after he had established contacts with a Sufi brotherhood. Samadeva yoga – а class at one of the “Free University of Samadeva” centers Thailand WhatsApp Number List According to the university’s website, “Samadeva” sees its mission in “passing on methods of well-being and personal development to feel good about life, about one’s relationship with Thailand WhatsApp Number List others and the world in general.” As their values, they list humanity, respect, benevolence, simplicity, universality, and

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awareness, which are to be implemented Thailand WhatsApp Number List and strengthened by means of various methods, such as Samadeva yoga, Soul Yoga, Lahore Nadi yoga, Qigong, Gurdjieff body movements, Ayurveda, systemic family Thailand WhatsApp Number List constellations, massages, applying the Enneagram, and meditations. As one can see, the Gurdjieff body movements are listed here along with several other practices. Samadeva Thailand WhatsApp Number List trains specialists in positive psychology, energetic healing, systemic constellation therapy, psychophysiology, and massage

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therapy. “The peculiarity of Samadeva Thailand WhatsApp Number List lies in the quality of the relationship between students as well as between students and teachers. This helps the students to learn our techniques and to become people who Thailand WhatsApp Number List know their worth and respect others.” Samadeva represents a typical New Age school of our time, offering services to cope with stress, prevent ruining one’s mental health, and benefit from positive thinking. It is not about delving into the teaching of Gurdjieff. The institution has Thailand WhatsApp Number List established twelve branches in Russia, two of which are located in Moscow. The others are operating in Achinsk, Barnaul,

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