should be linked to the question of their Vietnam WhatsApp Number List distribution. How complex the question is is shown in a seventy-six-page statement by the Federal Audit Office on this subject. I saw for myself how political the program flat rates are Vietnam WhatsApp Number List at the Technical University of Berlin. In 2017, for example, the departments’ share of the program flat-rate was reduced in order to reduce the underfunding of the general budget. Some or Vietnam WhatsApp Number List all of the program fee is left to large third-party funded projects for their own use. In this diffuse situation,

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asking for a doubling of the flat rates and using Vietnam WhatsApp Number List the additional income for the offer of doctoral positions does not seem appropriate to me. In addition, I do not see any causal connection between the unlimited duration of female Vietnam WhatsApp Number List academics paid from budget funds and the amount of program lump sums for third-party funded projects. The question of how to finance the permanent extension should be discussed separately. Let’s look at the initial situation and assume that the number of household positions Vietnam WhatsApp Number List for female scientists remains the same before and after completing their doctorate. If the fixed-term contracts for doctoral researchers were to become open-ended after the relevant qualification goal had

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been achieved, the number of positions Vietnam WhatsApp Number List would not change. However, by staying longer at the university, higher levels of experience would be achieved. While a post-doctoral research assistant is usually in experience level 3 and earns just under 4620 euros gross (or should, it wasn’t that long ago that newly hired researchers Vietnam WhatsApp Number List in Berlin sometimes had to start with experience level 1, because their experience gained elsewhere was not recognized), after nine years in such a position it is a good 5,700 euros Vietnam WhatsApp Number List gross. From this, however, no additional financial requirement of 23% could be derived, because even with open-ended employment contracts there would be fluctuation in the academic mid-level staff in favor of

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