Also, the Armenian Gurdjieff Folk Ukraine WhatsApp Number List Instruments Ensemble frequently tours Russia. The ensemble was founded in 2008 by its artistic director Levon Eskenian” in order to preserve and popularize the Armenian ethnic music Ukraine WhatsApp Number List outside Armenia,” performing the music of Komitas and Gurdjieff on various folk instruments. In 2011, their album “The Music of George Gurdjieff” was released with great Ukraine WhatsApp Number List success, receiving prestigious music awards. In 2012, the ensemble performed Gurdjieff’s original compositions at the

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Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. Summing Ukraine WhatsApp Number List up, Gurdjieffism has existed for over one hundred years, and in the course of this period, it has undergone an inevitable transformation. Most of the time (approximately 70–75 years), Russian-Soviet Ukraine WhatsApp Number List Gurdjieffism had been existing in a hermetically sealed environment. It was only in the late 1980s that it began to join in the international Gurdjieff Movement. Today, Russian Gurdjieffism is tightly integrated into the international community and greatly Ukraine WhatsApp Number List influenced by it. Russian Gurdjieff-body-movements instructors regularly visit Western spiritual centers, such as

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Samadeva, for further qualification. The arrival of Western Ukraine WhatsApp Number List specialists in Russia is always considered a significant event of transmitting knowledge from the experienced initiates to their younger brethren. This overt (ideological, practical, and organizational) dependence of Russian Gurdjieffism on its Western counterpart entails a certain Ukraine WhatsApp Number List paradox: Even though the Russian Empire was both Gurdjieff’s place of origin and the first place where he implemented his ideas, it wasn’t able, for well-known historical reasons, to Ukraine WhatsApp Number List retain his teaching that was then brought to the West, where it started to thrive. And after many decades, this

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