contribute financially to the implementation Ghana WhatsApp Number List of the new Berlin University Act through higher program flat rates. At the same time, he warned of the possible negative consequences of having more female academics employed on a permanent basis at universities: the disadvantage of the younger generation, fewer Ghana WhatsApp Number List doctoral positions, precarious employment relationships due to higher teaching commitments and an increase in NC-restricted courses. Sabine Kunst, former President of the Humboldt University in Berlin, justified her resignation with reference to Section 110, Paragraph Ghana WhatsApp Number List 6 and spoke of

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similar dangers. I, on the other hand, see the Ghana WhatsApp Number List danger that these fears will further cripple Berlin universities. The new location opens up an opportunity to shape a future that offers the employed academic staff family- and research Ghana WhatsApp Number List -friendly, and thus above all plannable, framework conditions, as the # IchbinHanna movement demands. Now is the time to seize this opportunity! Admittedly, as a research assistant currently employed on a temporary basis through third-party funding, I have a great personal Ghana WhatsApp Number List interest in the courageous implementation of the amendment. But regardless of this, I also see the need to counter the

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current advocates of the status quo at universities Ghana WhatsApp Number List and, instead of the risks, which I believe exaggerated, to show perspectives and possibilities. The question of money From this, however, no additional financial requirement of 23% could be derived, because even with open-ended employment contracts there would be fluctuation Ghana WhatsApp Number List in the academic mid-level staff in favor of younger female PhDs. Christian Thomsen argues that a permanent extension of doctoral research staff would lead to the loss of doctoral positions, which could, however, be compensated for by doubling the program fee for third-party Ghana WhatsApp Number List funded projects. The question of the appropriate level of program flat-rate fees deserves a discussion, but it

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