perfect example of a modern instructor Tunisia WhatsApp Number List working with psychophysical techniques. The Gurdjieff body movements, aimed at self-development, have become part of artistic pluralism. Now, what is the relationship between Tunisia WhatsApp Number List the Fourth Way groups and the Gurdjieff ‘dance’ groups? It is the relationship of the whole to the part: The former study the Fourth Way, of which the movements are but one Tunisia WhatsApp Number List part. In general, these groups represent associations of like-minded individuals organized around a particular charismatic leader. They take their “work” seriously, carefully studying Gurdjieff’s writings and the works of his

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associates. The latter groups can rather Tunisia WhatsApp Number List be described as temporary gatherings of random people getting together according to the instructor’s schedule and learning how to move their bodies in a specific manner. Practice Tunisia WhatsApp Number List is perceived here from an aesthetic rather than a soteriological point of view. After class, they resume other activities, putting the practice aside until the next lesson. These groups may include both experienced practitioners and novices since the training is free of charge and thus Tunisia WhatsApp Number List open to everyone.

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Hence, the teacher is no longer expected to Tunisia WhatsApp Number List share any revelations or great truths but is perceived simply as a “coach” or “instructor” providing information for a fee. The dependence of Russian Gurdjieff groups on Tunisia WhatsApp Number List Western Gurdjieffism, both “pure” and “mixed,” is quite high (it is primarily the “mixed” type that is interested in the Gurdjieff body movements). One example of this dependence is Tunisia WhatsApp Number List the “Free University of Samadeva,” a “mixed” Western center of Gurdjieffism. This “university” is located in France, near Strasbourg (see French and Russian versions). It was founded in 2003 by Idris Lahore (aka Selim

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