There are many brands that are “inhuman” where in the end there is not a person behind, or a team is not seen behind, and this is a very good way to put eyes, face and voice to your brand.

Therefore, choose the social network on which you are going to do the live broadcasts and do them as often as possible, one a week, one a month, where you can talk about industry news, interview experts in the niche you are direct, you decide how to do it.


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Strategies that we have been doing for a long time is live classes , through live broadcasts where we interview interesting people, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, so that they share their experience with other users, and this there is no cost, that is, actually making a streaming broadcast , live on a social network, does not have any cost, it is totally free, therefore nothing prevents you from doing it.

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I have heard many times, “I don’t have time to do that”, because you have to define and prioritize the actions you do from greater to lesser importance, and how they impact your business.

Many times we don’t have time Australia School Email Lists because we are spending time on other actions that may not be as relevant, so ask yourself if everything you are doing is exactly as relevant, maybe you can stop doing something and incorporate these direct, and you realize that it is giving a better return than other actions.

Australia School Email Lists

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you are constantly rethinking how you invest time in the actions you do, especially when we are solo entrepreneurs or small businesses, where we have to do almost everything ourselves, so it is very important that you are constantly working on how to optimize your time , your resources, to achieve the best results.

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