A great example of the superiority of desktop clients over webmail access is the deep integration we’ve achieved in Windows. The perfect integration with the operating system makes the use of Tutanota even easier and more comfortable.

For example, you can directly attach files to a new email, even when Tutanota is not currently running, via the context menu of a file -> Send To… -> Email Recipient.

In various programs you can use the “Send Document as Mail” function and attach the currently open file to a new email. Some examples are

  • LibreOffice in File -> Send -> As Email
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Microsoft Office

Another great advantage is that business software often uses this feature to send invoices and similar files directly from the application to the email client. For example, you can now use the Tutanota desktop client to directly email invoices from the SAGE50 business tool .

Why use desktop clients?

In short, our desktop clients for Windows, Linux and Mac OS make it easy to use Tutanota.

  • more comfortable,
  • safer,
  • and easier to use.

The key with Tutanota is that all data Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists is always encrypted, even when stored locally on the desktop client. The smart search feature creates an encrypted search index that is searched locally on the client. 

Audit Directors Email Lists

This ensures that our

servers do not see any of your data or any of your search queries. Tutanota is the only email service with this combination of usability and security.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to install the Tutanota desktop client now. The desktop client ensures that your data is always protected to the maximum.

In case you don’t use Tutanota yet, sign up for your new email account now.

Choose your favorite Tutanota email apps to easily use your encrypted mailbox on all your devices.

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