Today the ecosystem of social networks has become a very competitive business ecosystem, because brands have seen the value of all this, they invest more and more, which leads us to have to seek more creativity when doing campaigns and better define the strategies that we are going to follow.

Whether it is because you are going to launch a new brand , a new entrepreneurial project, a new line of products, or whatever, in the end it is to put that product, that service, on the market, and use social networks, and for this we are going to see the 7 steps we have to follow.

When I say establish clear objectives , it is not worth telling me “I want to sell more”, that is not a clear objective, it defines much more specific indicators.

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For example; Generate 10,000 visits to my online store from Instagram or from Facebook, or from social networks. That’s a concrete metric.

Then we will think about what PR Directors Email Lists we are going to do, but the objective is to generate 10,000 visits, and in addition to those 10,000 visits, we are going to assume that there is going to be a conversion rate of 2 percent, therefore, 2% of 10,000, doing a simple calculation, would be 200 sales.

Therefore, we are going to generate 200 sales from social networks, well, we already have clearly defined the indicators and the objectives to be achieved.

How many indicators should you define for the objective? You have to decide there. I would recommend between two and five at most for the campaign you are going to carry out on social networks.

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Develop a time map , that is, how long is this campaign going to last, if it is going to be a three-month campaign, it is going to be a one-off campaign, you have to clearly define the duration, when are we going to start it and when we are going to finish it, and prepare it in advance.

For example, for Black Friday, the campaigns start a few weeks even before Black Friday itself arrives, therefore we plan our campaign in advance and with time.

For Black Friday since we are talking about this case, we decide if it will start a week before, and when it will end, if the same day, or if a week later.

Therefore, here, we would have 15 days of campaign, well, previously we would have defined the objectives, so imagine that we continue to maintain 10,000 visits to the web and 200 sales with Black Friday.

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