The second is people, and it involves putting the right people in the right jobs and assigning them the right roles. How many times has it happened to you that you have gone to an event, a conference, suddenly, the president of a corporation, the CEO gave a conference, a presentation and it was boring. How is it possible that this person is speaking in public where the presentation is bad? He does not know how to speak, but of course, he is the president, he is the general manager.

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In this part there is an inconsistency and that person is in that position because he is excellent at his job, but maybe in the oratory part he is not so excellent. Therefore, it is not in that part in the correct role and Controlling Directors Email Lists perhaps it would be interesting if another person did it for you, because what is really happening in the end is that you are transmitting a bad image of your company in that sense.

Controlling Directors Email Lists

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And we can apply this to small ones where sometimes we see that a person is presenting who does not have the ability to speak or because he did not train enough, because he does not like it or because he is very shy and the project is excellent, but he is not transmitting it in the right way and it is losing strength, it is losing capacity, it is losing business opportunities. What I am giving as an example of the presentation part we must apply to everything.

If you have the people, the collaborators at the right point or you have people who are doing certain jobs that do it because you have assigned it to them, but they really are not good at it and not being good at it means they’re not doing it the best way, the way it should be done, or they’re spending too much time.

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