Although they have been around for a few years, cryptocurrencies are going to provide us with a great technological opportunity for companies. I would also like you to keep in mind that when talking about blockchain, the word decentralization is also a lot. This is 50% true, because blockchains can be public or private. Bitcoin is decentraliz, there is no organization that controls it. But there are already many companies that are creating private. Cntraliz blockchains that are directed, created and dominat by a specific company for a specific mission.

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A couple of weeks ago I was in a meeting with different CEOs of companies and one of them who has a company related to the world of audiovisual production and cinema, told me that he was already working on evolving his company with a private blockchain.

where all the contracts and Business Development Directors Email Lists production rights of his films were register. There in such a way that it would allow him to greatly reduce the number of people involved in the process, which right now were quite a few, especially at certain peaks he had to hire many people and all this was going to make everything much safer, much more profitable and much more automat.

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In addition, the blockchain has one of the most interesting things that I personally think is going to change the world and it is going to change how companies work and that is smart contracts. If a company reaches an agreement with another company or sells a product to an individual and normally signs a contract, I don’t care if that contract is physical or digital, but these are not smart contracts.

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