The EOS Model for the success of a company is one of the many business management models that we can find today. In fact, in recent years I don’t even know how many books I’ve read with different methodologies to manage a brand in the most efficient way possible. And in the end, my conclusion is that there is no one better than another, but simply depending on your type of business.

Your vision, your leadership capacity, your way of creating companies, there are some that adapt better than others, and In many cases, such as those in which I personally include myself, there is no model that fits exactly with what I like, but in the end, what I have done is a collage of different business management models, and I am taking what he considered interesting and I apply it to my business.EOS model .

Surviving The Perfect Storm

It is the English acronym for Entrepreneurial Operating System and this model takes into account six key components that any company has to manage both consciously and unconsciously. And I liked this because Compliance Directors Email Lists the fact that we do not manage something consciously does not mean that it is not happening, but simply that we are ignoring it. And you are operating on your free will in a company, that is very dangerous.

I want to reflect on these six key components of the Eos model.

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The Data Protection Strategy

The first is the vision, and I like to see this from a real and practical point of view. We all know the typical thing that they tell you when you have a business that you have to have your mission, your vision and your values. And sometimes it is written, sometimes it is not written, but in many cases it remains on paper. That is, if he writes, he leaves it there and in the end we lose focus. For me, I like to focus the vision more like a spotlight. 

What is the focus of your business? And never, never, never, under any circumstances misalign yourself from that focus, you can pivot, you can change things, but the focus must remain intact because it is the origin. It is the essence by which your company was born and by which it is maintained. Therefore, this will help you always work in the same direction.

What I want to convey to you is that it is very important that you maintain that vision and maybe it is a good time to take 15 minutes with a notebook and say, what is the essence of my business? What is that focus? why does my business exist? What do I want to achieve beyond what may be purely obvious, such as generating income, a life model, a lifestyle… Where do you want to go? Where it goes? Why am I doing what I’m doing?

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