Enjoy even if you’re not an Optimizely customer! Tip #5: Choose the right testing partner and invest in your own training There are several good A/B testing platforms on the market right now! You’ll find that almost all platforms offer the same basic A/B testing functionality.  Find Your Phone Number.  including a visual WYSIWYG editor so you can move, resize, and edit different elements of your page without requiring development resources ( A great time saver!).  Find Your Phone Number. They also offer basic reporting functionality, visitor segmentation (would you like to show your test only to new visitors. personalization features in addition to standard A/B testing.

Not Optimizely Customer Find Your Phone Number

Desktop visitors?), the ability to set custom goals, and to run tests across multiple pages. AB Testing Tips Optimizely Visual Editor Screenshot An example of Optimizely’s visual editor in action. Optimizely has been around for a while and has set the standard for A/B testing tools. They also offer a suite of training courses for expert users. However, their price can be prohibitive for many small businesses. Some other options to Find Your Phone Number consider are Convert, Marketizator, and Visual Website Optimizer (VWO). Example heatmap of AB test tips Heatmap tracking can be an added value for your A/B testing.

Choose the Right Testing Partner Find Your Phone Number

Find Your Phone Number

Convert offers the most competitive pricing and easily integrates goals, segmentation, and tracking with Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, and other CRO software. Marketizator is also competitive, especially when signing a longer-term contract. They include additional survey and personalization features to deliver banner ads when your users load, scroll, or leave a page. Find Your Phone Number.  Visual Site Optimizer aims to serve as an all-in-one conversion optimization platform, offering heatmaps and advanced targeting and personalization features in addition to standard A/B testing.

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