It is important that you start working on this channel, because I insist, from the beginning you will see how people start to listen to you, that is, you will have an organic reach , not paid, in a natural way, and it will grow with a speed that we will say is acceptable. , so this is the perfect time to create a podcast .

I have always been convinced of the strength of alliances , because I have done it all my life, to grow and to improve the impact, or to have a greater reach, collaborations are very interesting, collaborations with other brands or companies that have the same target audience.

Sometimes they can be your

Competition and sometimes not, but you can be great collaborators.

Throughout my life I have created strategies that create synergies with companies that apparently you can say are my competition, but where we all win, and it is a way of looking for how we can Design Directors Managers Email Lists complement each other, make us all win in that space, so A very good way to grow is by working, dedicating time to detecting with which companies, with which brands you can create alliances in some way that both join forces, and achieve the objectives that each one seeks.

Design Directors Managers Email Lists

Creating a blog within your website

is an action that will take a little more time to generate traction. More than for example a podcast that will be faster than a blog, but it helps you position yourself in another very important channel such as it’s Google.

Therefore, if you currently have a website for your business, which I imagine you will have, or for your online store and you don’t have a blog, create it, integrate a blog where you generate content related to the public you want to address, focused on your product or service, whatever you want.

Define how often you are going to publish, I would recommend two a week, two new articles a week, if you see that it is a lot, especially at the beginning, then do at least one a week, you must commit to this, because you It will help you position yourself in Google .

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