The third point is data, basing decision-making on data is increasingly important. Three days ago I was giving a conference for a private company in the automotive sector in Galicia, where we talked about digitalization of processes in today’s company as a key to sustainable development and the central axis of the entire exhibition was based on customer experience and the data, and how these have a transversal influence on the entire company and on the results of the income statement, literally on income and EBITDA, on cash flow, on absolutely everything, so we must think about whether we are making decisions based on impulses, on sensations.

How to Recover Data From

On an act of faith, believing does not mean that it is true, and it may be leading you to make very wrong decisions, so the first thing you always have to do is download everything to data, which data is what they tell you. If what you are doing makes sense at all levels, at quantitative levels and at qualitative levels.

Fourth point, what they call IT Directors Managers Email Lists issues and basically consists of establishing processes. That allow you to identify where frictions are creat in companies, both frictions due to people and fictions, as well as due to things or technology. There are times when we have a technological tool that is not adequate and generates certain frictions, which in the end means that the work is not done in the most efficient way possible or is not done in the most correct way possible.

IT Directors Email Lists

A Memory Stick Without Hassle

Be generat by people. I remember a company I was working with, it had approximately 60 employees where the management part had a commercial director in the commercial area and there were about 10 sales people just below him. Well, the sales team did not use the CRM, what they did is that all these notes from the clients were putting it on post-it notes on their work tables. Where was the problem? In the sales department?

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