The commercial director, he was the point of friction, because he did not like. The  he did not feel comfortable and he said that I prefer to do it with post it, and he transferr exactly the same thing to his team. That generat a problem of competitiveness in the company because. The information really remain only on each person’s desk, and that information was lost over. Time inste of being integrat into a system accessible to the entire company so that they could use it.

Importance of Data

Therefore, a process was establish here that allow us to identify this problem. That came from the commercial director  establish a training channel, a series of conference sessions to make them see the Software Managers Email Lists importance of CRM and forget about the post it. The results were very positive.

The fifth point is the processes, the way in which we do business and the processes, I speak in its broad spectrum of processes in all departments, from the department of innovation, customer service, sales, administration, finance, accounting… What processes do you have defined? And here it is very important that the processes are as simple and automated as possible.

Software Developers Engineers, Directors, Email Lists

Cleansing Services I remember a

Small company where the employer wanted to establish processes in numerous things and wanted to put them all in writing in a word and they were wasting three months of their employees’ time writing those processes that were honestly worthless.

Why weren’t they worth anything? Because they were not applicable. They were processes that in the end were written in documents between. Three and seven pages and there were about 30 processes. They were so complex that in the end people could not assimilate or memorize all the processes and when they needed to search for information, it was impossible.

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