Optimization Specialist and conducted extensive A/B testing, from landing page testing to mobile testing, to increase conversion rates at key times in our user journey. Our website gets a ton of traffic, but since we’re still in startup mode, we make it a point to run our tests as frugally and efficiently as possible. Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List. Based on our personal experiences, here are our top 5 tips to guide you through the A/B testing process if you’re also a small business or working on a budget . Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List. Tip #1: Find Your Biggest Problems and Get Real Feedback You probably already have a good idea of ​​what needs improvement on your website.

Conducted Extensive Testing Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List

Does a particular page have an incredibly high bounce rate? Are your conversion rates on a specific section of your site lagging? This is your pain point! When deciding where to run a test, make sure you’re running on pages with enough traffic to get real, actionable results. Sure, changing the Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List images on your “About Us” page may slightly improve your conversion rates, but you’ll likely have to wait months to see the actual results. Make sure your test runs on a page that has a high volume of traffic and is an integral part of the conversion process.

From Landing Page Testing Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List

Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List

AB Testing Advice Product Pages Your product page likely has the traffic volume and funnel impact that makes it perfect for A/B testing. For example, you can test the CTA moving above the fold on this page. Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number Lists.  Once you’ve identified the page or section you want to test, it’s time to get real, honest feedback. It’s hard for many marketers to objectively look at their own websites – it’s like calling your own baby ugly! You could reward some of your customers for completing a survey about their experience and ask them to identify specific points.

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