Therefore, the base is your website, always think that social networks are going to be added, they are going to be satellites or connectors that are going to help you boost your personal brand , reach more people, connect with more people to that they know your website and go there, your goal is to take people to your digital home, which is your website, and that is where you are going to look for conversion, where they will mainly contact you, where they will learn from you, they will find out about you.

How Data Governance

Think that the only thing that will really belong to you on the internet are two things, your website and your email list, the rest is at the expense of someone else taking it away from you whenever they want. In a social network account, when they want, they can take away your account, they can take away the fans you follow or the followers you’ve got, therefore the only thing that is one hundred percent in your hands is your website and your email list. .

Write at least one article a week on your website, I mean at least, if you can go to two a week much better, but hey, one good one is better than two bad ones.

Mark at least one a week and write from the point of view of an expert.

Here if I would tell you that as far as Training Directors Email Lists possible you learn digital marketing applied to the blog, content marketing, or copywriting, to know how to write properly for search engines , but also giving value to the audience, how to work on search engine positioning issues, when you write content, know what topics you should talk about so that you generate more traffic, etc.

Training Directors Managers Email Lists

Programs Fail Even Before They Start

Let us think that the generation of content must be something strategic. That is, it must not only be writing what you want, but what the client is looking for, the one that we have defined in step one, which I want to address, what is what you are looking for on the internet, and as a result of that analysis generate content based on that or those themes.

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