Something that is very important and that you must burn with fire is that to sell more we do not necessarily need to bring more traffic to the web as long as we have a minimum traffic obviously, if you tell me that you only have 10 or 20 visits a day we need to bring more traffic But if your project is in a phase where you already have a certain volume of visits that you consider acceptable and what you want is to increase your online sales , before investing money in advertising strategies that bring you more traffic, what is called the CRO works better. What is conversion rate optimization?


There is a key metric that

You must know and you must follow monthly. Which is the percentage of people who enter your website and then buy from you. How many of the visitors, how many of the visits that come to your website Australia Accountant Email Lists end up buying from you? If in a month you have had 5000 visits and they have bought 50, that would be a 1% conversion rate. Discover that percentage in your case and the 8 points that. I am going to talk about today is to improve that conversion ratio with the same visits. I insist if you have 5,000 visits, do not say, hey, I am going to generate 10,000 to sell double, before Let’s work on that because that 1% becomes 2% and we will have double the sales with the same visits. When we manage to optimize it better, now let’s define strategies to grow in the number of visits and therefore scale sales.


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 Keys to increase your online sales

The first action that I want to talk to you about is always all the changes. You make make them based on data, try to put intuition aside. Intuition is very good and notice that this is one of the things. In which I trust the most but precisely in this matter what matters most is the data. Let’s not fall into the mistake that since we like this color or we like it we have decid. That this is the best, do not make decisions bas on subjective data

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