These settings range from basic demographic/geographic/interest-based categories to custom lists (based on prospect information you already have). Here’s an example: Last week, I received the (slightly weird) ad below while browsing Facebook. Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List.  identity-based targeting At first I thought to myself, why the hell is Facebook encouraging me to attend an EGG FREEZING PARTY?! And then I realized that the platform knows that I am single, I live in Boston and at 27. Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List. I fall right into the “baby fever” age group. Boom. This advertiser has reached its ideal target.

Settings Range From Basic Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List

Pretty savvy, huh? As these methods become more and more sophisticated, I predict they will become even more widely used. Worst Practice #2: Use DKI for All Adgroups Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not suggesting that dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) is a bad technique, but it should never be your go-to Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List method for creating ad text. DKI is a fundamentally lazy approach to advertising content. When you’re pressed for time and looking to run half-decent ads, DKI is a temporary, quick and dirty solution.

Interest-Based Categories Custom Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List

Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List

However, this can introduce many problems in your account. For example, if you bid on misspelled keywords, you could end up with disastrous, sloppy ads. Wuhan Mobile Phone Number Lists.  Or, if you bid on your competitors’ brand terms, you could end up with a nasty disapproval (or a lawsuit, heaven forbid). dynamic keyword errors The reality is that you can see decent performance for DKI commercials, but they will never be your superstars.  Wuhan Mobile Phone Number Lists. You’re much better off taking the time to create granular, tightly-knit ad groups that focus on distinct keyword themes.

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