This word blockchain will already be very familiar to you, even when you hear it the word bitcoin comes to mind. But what do Blockchain and business have to do with it? Lets start by the beginning.

Blockchain is really the technology that makes bitcoin possible, that makes bitcoin work. And bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It is the first cryptocurrency, although now more than 11,000 cryptocurrencies have come out that are very useful on many levels. We hear that there are companies that already charge in cryptocurrencies or allow themselves to be paid in bitcoin.

Don’t look at it that way, because at least for the moment it doesn’t make any sense to charge in cryptocurrencies, especially because of the high volatility they have in such a way that if we charge, for example, in cryptocurrencies and convert to euros, it can that today our product is worth €100 and tomorrow those €100 have become €40 due to the high volatility. So that doesn’t make much sense today.

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Blockchain technology   has its translation into Spanish, which is a block chain. Its operation is on solving mathematical problems, and when they are solv, a block is creat and it is align to another block and to Marketing Directors Email Lists another block. Hence the name blockchain and all of it is done using cryptographic technology. Which is a technology that has a very high level of security.

The people who are in charge of creating these blocks are call miners. Surely you have heard this. People who are digging in a diamond mine are miners. Today they are also digging in the blochchain but digging is solving those mathematical problems.

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Therefore, we can establish a clear parallelism between the two. And every time one of these miners solves a mathematical equation and one of those blocks is generated, they receive financial compensation in the cryptocurrency itself. This would be a bit on the run. Therefore, blockchain offers us a great opportunity to start looking at how to improve business for organizations, how to create more efficient models, where there will be fewer intermediaries throughout the value chain.

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