There are times when you are subscribed to email lists where you often do not read the content, but you do not unsubscribe because you know that from time to time they send you something interesting.

This is a bit of the idea, it is to decide, that everything grows progressively, once a week, once a month, send a newsletter with the outstanding or most important information for your audience.

The fifth and last point is to record a podcast , and here we continue talking about the content part.

Start a podcast right now, audio content is growing every day, it is a complementary channel to the creation of content on your website, and it will help you grow your personal brand , you can use the content of your written article to a podcast, you don’t need to create new content, that post published on your blog, you also record it in audio.

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This is what I started doing with my podcast 13 years ago, what I did is all the articles that I wrote on my blog, I voiced them in audio, because there are people who prefer to listen to it instead of reading, therefore this could be a complementary option.

You can even go a little further, and maybe also make more types of podcast content that are not from the article, that are interviews, that are your reflections or experiences of your day to day, among many Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists other options that you can use, but the important thing is to generate that podcast that helps you promote and work on your personal brand, to give it more visibility through more channels, remember that podcasts are growing enormously as I mentioned before.

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Creating a podcast is completely free, if you want to know how to do it I have a video on YouTube where I tell you how to create a podcast step by step and upload it to Spotify , you can watch it and follow the steps I indicate to create your own podcast.

With these 5 steps you can start creating your personal brand, or rather, create an online business aligned to your personal brand to generate income, either as a main line of work or a complementary line of work.

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