This is nothing new, but being present on social networks in a proactive way will help you to have a greater reach , and when I say proactively I mean in a way where you really generate content in the social network in which you want to expand, And at this point, I would tell you that you do not have to be on all social networks, only on the one or those that make the most sense for your business, product or service.

Many times social networks do not work for businesses because. The content they are creating is not relevant to their target audience, content that is made quickly by publishing something, and this Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists makes it not attractive content. That is not adapt to the different channels, and this happens because we mistakenly want to be on all the social networks. However, when each one has its characteristics and its different audience.

You have to focus on one

The ones that make the most sense for your business, and generate content that really adds value to your audience, it doesn’t matter if it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, the one that will work best is on the one that your target audience really is .

The content has to be adapted to that social network. Do not make patches of publishing the content exactly the same on all sites, because that does not work.

So, always prioritize quality over quantity, don’t think that because you’re not on all social networks you’re going to miss out on opportunities, it’s better to do one thing excellently than to do many mediocrely.

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The live stream or direct on social

Networks for me this is one of the most. Underus tools by most companies, and the most powerful they are today.

Anyone can do a direct on the main social networks. You can do a direct on Instagram , you can do it on Facebook, you can do it on Linkedin.

The direct ones are going to help you, on the one hand. To reach an audience that already knows you, and you are going to be building loyalty from. A different point of view, and something very important, you are going to humanize the brand.

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