There could be 100 or 1 million…you still need ads or ridiculously powerful content marketing to reach them now in the Facebook News Feed. South Africa Phone Number. Still, some marketers point to growing fans as a key performance indicator for social media, as if it’s making a comeback. And someone has to buy those likes, because so many people are still selling them. Stop. South Africa Phone Number.. Put a fork in it, this one is over. 2. Show ad impressions Understanding how many people actually saw your ads is important, isn’t it? Unfortunately, impressions – the statistic that ad marketers have relied on for so long – give you no idea how many people actually saw your ad.

Still Need Ads Ridiculously South Africa Phone Number

In November 2013, we learned that about a third of your ad impressions weren’t actually viewable. It’s bad enough, right? Now it’s over 56%! Marketing measures that should reduce the print volume Source: Google That’s right, more than half of your ad’s “impressions” aren’t even to South Africa Phone Number seen by anyone. So stop using impressions as a metric for campaign audience. Instead, measure bottom-of-funnel metrics, such as actual clicks and conversions. 3. Keyword Ranking Keyword rankings are the insatiable, fearless zombie of marketing metrics. They just won’t stay dead. Marketing Metrics. organic segmented traffic

Powerful Content Marketing South Africa Phone Number

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That Must Die Walking Dead Zombie Meme So many factors have made keyword rankings utterly useless – personalization, geolocation, search algorithm changes, and more. South Africa Phone Number.  And these are not even novelties! This shift has been happening for years, but some marketers continue to rank for specific keywords at report time as if they actually mean something. Ditch the security blanket. South Africa Phone Numbers. Keyword rankings are done. 4. Anything related to referral, direct or organic segmented traffic

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