Define which is the most interesting, where my clients are most, be it Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, whatever, but we focus on the one that makes the most sense for our product or service, you can do it in all of them, you decide , obviously all this will depend on the resources you have, the more campaigns you want to do or on the more platforms you want to be on, the more resources you are going to need, because you are going to have to make more content, but that already depends on the situation of each of them. you.


Therefore, decide what or what social networks you are going to be on.


Social networks are very good, we are going to carry out the campaigns, but why not rely on relevant figures in the sector we want to target?


For example, we continue with the Black Friday campaign, we are a women’s clothing brand.

We can have a greater reach if we work with micro-influencers who have a large community behind them, strategically selected so that during the campaign period they publish certain information, share our product with the aim of generating a larger audience , and that audience allows us to generate more sales. .

When I say a large community, I do not mean Media Directors Email Lists millions or hundreds of thousands of followers, there are micro influencers with less than 10 thousand followers, even with just 3 or 4 thousand followers that can offer us a great result.


Therefore, don’t just focus on your own social media profiles, but rely on the social media profiles of other micro-influencers or relevant people in the sector you want to target.

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Now it’s time to see the whole part of content and creativities.

Depending on the platform you are going to be on, you have to know what content to share on social networks , whether they are infographics, what visual creativities you are going to use, whether they are going to be videos, because we are going to make a video on YouTube, and the video too you can go to Instagram for example, what kind of video will we make.

Let’s generate all that video content in advance to have it prepared, or that graphic line, communication message, texts, that we are going to launch.

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