Really, in marketing, given the competition that we are having, especially on the internet, it is more difficult to have visibility , to have reach, in fact a recent survey that we carried out where we asked most of the entrepreneurs and businessmen what their main problem was in order to improve their results in internet, they told us it was a range problem .

Well, how do we solve the scope? Obviously by doing more marketing actions , but there are many of them because they can have a certain cost, and especially at the beginning when a business is starting, because its budget is more limited, that’s why today we I want to comment on some strategies, five actions that you can carry out, let’s say, with a low budget, that this is very important, and that can give you very good results.

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The podcast is one of the channels that is growing the most and where it is relatively easy to have a faster reach if we compare it with YouTube, for example, because from the moment you open a YouTube channel until you have visibility, it will be more complicated given the competition out there, so why not make a podcast .

A podcast is relatively R&D Directors Email Lists easy to create, because in the end you can record it with your mobile phone and a microphone, or with a recording set that does not require a large investment, and then, it is also totally free, that is, your podcast appears on Spotify does not have any type of cost, that is why it becomes a very powerful digital marketing tool for low budgets , where yes, you have to plan what you are going to talk about, what your format is going to be, if they are going to be news from the sector, if you are going to share experiences, if you are going to interview other people, then you already have to decide the content strategy .

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For your digital marketing campaigns

It is important that you start working on this channel, because I insist, from the beginning you will see how people start to listen to you, that is, you will have an organic reach , not paid, in a natural way, and it will grow with a speed that we will say is acceptable. , so this is the perfect time to create a podcast .

I have always been convinc of the strength of alliances , because I have done it all my life, to grow and to improve the impact, or to have a greater reach, collaborations are very interesting, collaborations with other brands or companies that have the same target audience.

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